OK Dinghy Building Kit

The building kit is based on the Leech OK Dinghy.
The dinghy that got the number 1 and 2 rank of the Worlds in 2014.


Building your own OK Dinghy has never been so easy!
  • A standard garage is enough to build the boat.
  • Basic boatbuilding skills and some understanding about epoxy are required.
  • When we say easy, it means all you need to do is to put the cut out pieces of the boat into the mould.
  • Next, keep the cut out pieces together by glueing them.

What tools may be required?
  • An electrical drill should be handy but not necessary.
  • Basic tools like a saw, screwdrivers, hammer and clamps.

basic kit € 1.500,00

  • All the wood multiplex pieces, cnc cut
  • Mould in MDF, cnc cut
  • Building pictures
  • Designer’s fee is also included.

complete kit € 3.900,00

  • The Basic Kit plus
  • with Harken gear
  • Rudder fittings
  • Wood for the rudder and daggerboard
  • Self bailers
  • Mast deck and foot-rings.

basic kit plus € 2.300,00

  • The Basic Kit with the addition of other wood parts
  • The epoxy for glueing and laminating
  • and The glass for building the hull
  • and 2K paint.
Item EUR
Basic Kit € 1.500,00
Basic Kit Plus € 2.300,00
Complete Kit € 3.900,00
Complete Boat Built by OKSailing € 6.200,00
Ceilidh Mast € 1.850,00
Sail (starting cost, depending on sailmaker) € 850,00
Boom (complete) € 545,00
Rudder by OKSailing € 450,00
Daggerboard by OKSailing € 475,00

Other Major Services Offered by OKSailing

OKSailing can also help you with choosing an appropriate mast for your boat. We have excellent contacts and good relationship with sailmakers from different brands, so we are capable to advise you.

Whether the boat is made of wood-epoxy, polyester or traditional built, BOAT REPAIRS are in good hands, if not in better company with OKSailing.

We are also pleased to share with you that OKSailing is an expert in maintaining and repairing Waarschepen. As a matter of fact, we have repaired the beautiful Deinumeid, a Waarschip 900+. Quite a challenging and huge job because after hitting a buoy on the Waddenzee, it incurred three holes on the port side.

Paint Jobs are nicely done by OKSailing as well, so your boat looks brand new.